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Tax and Finance Operate Managed Services

A cloud-enabled, multisided platform provides a new way of providing tax services. The platform is about scale, efficiency and time to market, leveraging Microsoft Azure apps, to meet market demands that otherwise would’ve been impossible.

How to realize the value of your tax and finance function

Businesses are transforming to manage talent shifts, legislative and regulatory uncertainty and evolving technology as cost pressures mount.

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Leveraging the impossible

Tax and finance functions today face dynamic pressures in staying on top of legislative change globally, keeping pace with technology, and attracting and retaining professionals with future-focused skills. These functions face a tall order: do more, and provide more value, with fewer resources and continuing pressure to reduce costs, in a rapidly changing world of risk and regulation.

Kate Barton, EY Global Vice Chair – Tax, says, “Organizations have increasingly higher expectations of their tax and finance functions. Many are looking to alternative models that better keep pace with ever-changing technology options, become more strategic, improve tax and financial outcomes, reduce costs, and secure the right talent for their needs."

Led globally by Dave Helmer, EY Global Tax and Finance Operate Leader, the EY TFO service is enabled by EY GTP (EY Tax and Finance Operate service is enabled by EY Global Tax Platform (GTP)) which allows EY clients to adapt a highly flexible, scalable and cost-effective set of tax technology offerings to their unique needs, all with the confidence that they’re supported by Microsoft’s advanced digital technologies. Based on automated data capture, standardization and reuse, as well as featuring advanced analytics and intelligent automation, the platform provides tax constituents with access to a growing suite of tax and finance services while becoming the reference platform for all digital tax preparation, analytics and insight creation across EY clients.The platform's secure cloud environment also helps provide EY clients and third parties with high-integrity control and near real-time access to the right data at the right time, as well as a shared data environment for seamless integration with third-party tax technology and services for tax process validation, data analytics and tax filing.

Bringing together deep tax knowledge from EY with Microsoft technology, the TFO service and associated GTP platform provides EY clients with enhanced capabilities that would otherwise be expensive and challenging to build solely in-house. Tax and finance function operations can be managed through EY GTP, and a modular suite of TFO services, such as internal reporting, direct taxes, and indirect taxes, can be built to fit specific requirements depending on organizational need. Organizations can also view a real-time status of their tax filings on a single dashboard and benefit from increased transparency, new data insights, and enhanced decision-making, reaching further into the clients’ operations for increased benefits.

Daniel Goff, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Tax and Trade, Microsoft, says, “EY and Microsoft are working together to support the digital transformation many organizations are currently undergoing by enabling innovative and disruptive new services in finance, accounting, and tax. With the EY TFO suite and enabling GTP, the power of Microsoft Azure and analytics capabilities is now available to organizations globally, and the barriers to complex data capture and analysis are broken down. EY TFO and GTP help organizations gain more relevant and actionable insights from their tax and finance data at greater cost-effectiveness, enabling joint resources to focus on the most strategic finance and tax issues.”

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