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How to prepare for today’s workforce transformation opportunities

In this episode of the Think Ecosystem podcast, the speakers discuss opportunities in workforce transformation and how organizations should respond to them.

This episode of the Think Ecosystem podcast, hosted by Markus Heinen, EY Europe West People Advisory Services Leader, explores key opportunities in workforce transformation. Fiona Carney, Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft EMEA, and Detlef Krause, Vice President & General Manager EMEA Central, ServiceNow, discuss HR's digital transformation, the necessity of innovative employee engagement and continuous learning strategies. Together, they cover the opportunities for HR professionals in acquiring new skills and adapting to artificial intelligence (AI) and automation and address the impact of a quarter-life crisis on career choices, the rise of automation and the need for upskilling and reskilling.

Key takeaways:

  • Embracing digital evolution, with its transformational impact on workplaces and society, is crucial. Organizations must anticipate and address potential talent gaps by initiating necessary training now.
  • Comprehensive organizational engagement during transformation is essential. Businesses must adapt, integrate and utilize emerging technologies to enhance customer and employee experiences.
  • During transformation, the triad of people, processes and technology must be viewed holistically to navigate the evolving business landscape. 

For your convenience, a full text transcript of this podcast is also available.


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Markus Heinen

EY Europe West People Advisory Services


Episode 7


37m 21s