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Counting down to the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)

In this webcast, panelists discuss CBAM, linkages to the EU Emission Trading System, the global outlook and three practical case studies for CBAM preparation.

The CBAM imposes a levy on imports of products in certain emission-intensive product categories. The latest proposals include a number of amendments including: expansion of products in scope, inclusion of indirect as well as direct embedded emissions, and an accelerated phase out of free allowances under the EU Emission Trading System by 2030, instead of 2035.

The legislation is not yet final, however, is in the final negotiation stages. First obligations are expected to commence during 2023. The CBAM will mean change and we see businesses already preparing for the potential impact on their operations and supply chain. Significant changes are also expected from a compliance and reporting perspective. During this webcast, we discuss the latest developments and potential impacts on businesses importing into the EU.

Topics discussed include:

  • CBAM implementation overview
  • Current status and timeline of the legislative process
  • Interplay between EU Emission Trading System, CBAM and the relevance for the Tax department
  • Practical case studies on how global businesses in a number of sectors are preparing, including from Asia-Pacific
  • Global outlook


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