In today’s digitized society, offering a frictionless and instantaneous payment experience is crucial for attracting customers and paving the way for innovative business practices.

Clément Robert

Senior Manager, Banking Regulatory Compliance, Ernst & Young Business Advisory Services

Senior Manager active in payments and sustainability. Strong experience in private banking and fintech. Passionate about sailing and wine.

Clément is a Senior Manager in Banking Regulatory Compliance at Ernst & Young Business Advisory Services.

Since he joined Ernst & Young Business Advisory Services, Luxembourg in 2015, he has been focusing on serving Luxembourg banks, payment institutions and fintechs in the fields of digital payments, regulatory compliance, and new technologies (including instant payments, crypto-assets, and open banking).

He also has deep experience in banking regulatory matters, including sustainable finance and personal data protection.

Clément obtained a master’s in management at Kedge Business School (FR) with a focus on Finance, and a double Bachelor in International Business Administration at Nottingham Trent University (UK) and Kedge Business School (FR).

How Clement is building a better working world

Clément believes in investing in younger generations. He knows that a diverse and healthy working environment is vital not only for the organization’s  operations but also for providing  long-term value to clients.

Thus, he puts a strong emphasis on ensuring that knowledge is grown and shared at all levels with a view to strengthen the experience and the well-being of his team.

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