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EY OpsChain Network Procurement

As part of our blockchain platforms, EY OpsChain Network Procurement helps organizations run procurement activities using tokens and smart contracts on a public blockchain network. It reduces the complexity created by extended business networks, fragmented IT systems and variable procurement agreements.

Press Release

New blockchain-based EY OpsChain Network Procurement solution helps complex enterprises manage spend globally

LONDON – 28 SEPTEMBER 2020. EY today announced the availability of the EY OpsChain Network Procurement solution, a first-of-its-kind solution built on the EY OpsChain platform that allows companies to run private, secure, end-to-end procurement activities on the public Ethereum blockchain.

By Joanna Hardy 27 Sep 2020 Blockchain

EY OpsChain Tesseract: Blockchain integrated mobility platform

In Automotive

EY OpsChain Tesseract is a blockchain-powered platform supporting new mobility businesses built around fractional ownership of vehicles and new investment models.

Press Release

EY launches public finance management blockchain solution to improve efficiency and transparency in governments

LONDON, 16 OCTOBER 2019. EY announced the launch of EY OpsChain Public Finance Manager (PFM), a blockchain-enabled solution designed to help governments improve their processes for financial management of public funds.

By Barbara Burgess 16 Oct 2019 Blockchain
Press Release

EY helps Bofrost Italia to build one of the first blockchain platforms to trace frozen foods in supply chains

LONDON, 27 JUNE 2019. Bofrost Italia, a leading global company in the door-to-door sale and distribution of frozen foods to consumers, has selected EY to provide a blockchain solution based on the EY OpsChain platform.

By Barbara Burgess 27 Jun 2019 Blockchain
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EY to help Blockchain Wine Pte. Ltd. build blockchain platform for wine distributors across Asia and worldwide

LONDON, 23 MAY 2019. Blockchain Wine Pte. Ltd. has selected EY to provide services to build a blockchain solution leveraging EY’s OpsChain Solution, which Blockchain Wine Pte. Ltd. will operate to help determine the quality, provenance, and authenticity of new and vintage wines with a focus on markets in China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore, where the consumption of European wines is expanding.

By Barbara Burgess 23 May 2019 Blockchain

Blockchain platforms

The future of doing business will be through tokens and smart contracts, enabled by blockchain. EY has a clear vision and strategy for how blockchain is digitalizing and integrating supply chains by knitting together business operations and finance at the ecosystem level.

Press Release

EY blockchain platform supports Blockchain Wine Pte. Ltd. to launch TATTOO Wine marketplace across Asia Pacific

LONDON, 13 NOVEMBER 2019. Singapore-based Blockchain Wine Pte. Ltd.is now live with its TATTOO Wine marketplace for consumers across the Asia Pacific region.

By Barbara Burgess 13 Nov 2019 Blockchain
Press Release

EY helps Block2 build a blockchain-based solution for small and medium businesses to manage supply and demand across trade industries

LONDON, 4 NOVEMBER 2019. Block2, an Australian start-up focused on peer-to-peer resource management, has selected EY to provide software and services to build their newly released 2Mota solution, a blockchain-based peer-to-peer marketplace to help Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) manage their supply chains more efficiently.

By Barbara Burgess 4 Nov 2019 Blockchain
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