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EY wavespace helps businesses to capture the upside of disruption in the Transformative Age, from breakthrough strategy to seamless implementation.

About this location

As digital disruption intensifies, businesses are pressed to develop strategic responses in today’s demanding, transformative environment. Transformative technologies augment human capabilities by working alongside us and on our behalf, providing businesses with significant opportunities for improved accuracy, better quality and cost efficiency. 

While organizations in Asia-Pacific are increasingly driving some of the world’s most exciting transformative technologies, the region also presents unique challenges, such as cross-border regulatory complexity as well as diverse levels of political maturity and technological development.

EY wavespace combines EY insights on transformative technologies — such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and robotic process automation — with deep industry knowledge and local market experience to help your business address these challenges and seize emerging growth opportunities across the region.

We offer a collaborative environment for EY professionals and clients to co-develop practical solutions to real-world problems, supported by technology that facilitates new and better ways of working in an established financial hub at the region’s epicenter of innovations and connectivity. 

We help businesses with the following:
  • Digital transformation  
    We help EY clients to discover their competencies of the future, as well as consider threats and opportunities from industry convergence to provide them with the necessary mindset, tools and knowledge required to transform their organization, operating unit or function in the digital era. 
  • Leading-edge technology 
    Through a focus on modern technologies, such as blockchain, intelligent automation, big data and IT ecosystems, we help clients to pioneer disruptive, new business models and adequately scale new operating models, enabled by technology.
  • Strategy by design 
    By considering the preferred future and working backward to today, EY teams help clients to develop an integrated, effective digital strategy and operating models that can adapt rapidly to a changing environment and organizational needs.   
  • Rapid co-innovation 
    Interdisciplinary EY teams study market dynamics and user behavior to create, incubate and activate disruptive, new products, services, experiences and business models that grow enterprise value.
  • Agile accelerators
    By integrating culture, processes and technology, we help clients to develop a highly agile, transformative mindset and program delivery capability to drive their most critical, strategic initiatives forward.
EY wavespace Singapore

One Raffles Quay, North Tower Level 18

Singapore 048583

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