Photographic portrait of Christopher Balzan
“The digitisation of an audit mirrors a broader transformation taking place across the business landscape.”

Christopher Balzan

EY Malta Assurance Partner

Partner in Assurance. Enjoys outdoor activities and travelling. Keen on local heritage and is a committee member in a local heritage foundation.

Office Msida, MT

Christopher is an Assurance Partner at EY Malta.

With over 23 years of experience in financial auditing, he has led external audits of various entities, including public interest ones mainly in the banking, asset management and other industrial and commercial sectors. He also acts as an engagement quality reviewer on audits of public interest entities of the firm.

Chris is a University of Malta graduate in accountancy, a registered Certified Public Accountant and holds a practicing certificate in Auditing. He is also a Fellow of the Malta Institute of Accountants, currently serving as a Council Member.

How Christopher is building a better working world 

“Through a broad understanding of financial and non-financial factors our audit work delivers quality, integrity, technical excellence and exceptional service .”

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