Photographic portrait of Kevin Mallia
Embracing disruption with fresh thinking leads to risk management which creates a competitive advantage built on values, trust and confidence.

Kevin Mallia

EY Malta Consulting Partner

Consulting lead with a special focus on internal audit, risk management, IT consulting and cybersecurity. Football enthusiast. Swimmer and skier.

Office Msida, MT

Kevin Mallia leads the EY Malta Consulting team with a special focus on risk, internal audit, IT risk consulting and performance improvement.

Through his 25-year professional career he gained experience in the consulting and assurance sectors and has also occupied various senior positions in the industry as CFO and CO Internal Audit.

Kevin has led teams on various advisory engagements in the aviation, banking, trust services, hospitality, gaming, information security and motor industries.

Since returning to EY in 2014, he has been instrumental in expanding the range of digital strategy and transformation services offered to clients.

Kevin is a certified public accountant and a Fellow of the Malta Institute of Accountants.

How Kevin is building a better working world

“Risk can come from every angle and be quite hard to see, anticipate and respond to.

I help our clients to embrace this reality, update their risk functions and generate value through innovation.”

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