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Integrated Business Planning Solution

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a complete planning process from EY and Pegasystems that drives efficiency and accuracy by providing visibility into key business functions and aligning them around a single strategy.

Making complex planning simpler and smarter

Proper planning for a business’s growth and needs requires that all facets of an organization have access to one source of truth—one vision, one plan, and one set of numbers from which to plan. 

The Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution from the EY-Pega Alliance helps organizations meet their most complex challenges through a comprehensive approach that combines EY’s process improvement and business transformation acumen with the speed to value supported by Pega’s intelligent automation platform. EY-Pega IBP identifies the overall business process, finds where relevant data resides on all systems of record, then distills that information into meaningful content that guides smarter decisions. Benefits include a faster system of planning that provides better-quality data, as well as greater transparency, synchronization, collaboration and responsiveness across the organization

The EY organization’s methodology for approaching IBP, combined with the powerful Pega platform, allows businesses to realize value on an accelerated timeline – in many cases, a matter of mere weeks. That baseline of value can be established and then spread. That’s because the EY team’s approach is to break IBP into multiple stages, using Pega capabilities to provide incremental value quickly and build upon it, rather than backloading business benefits to the conclusion of a lengthy implementation. 

Further, EY-Pega IBP doesn’t require discarding an organization’s existing tools, whether it be the demand optimization system or sourcing management system. Instead, organizations can “wrap and renew” as Pega leverages the data from existing tools that may be siloed to provide a more consistent, effective method of planning. Planning documents from spreadsheets or legacy systems can be pulled, parsed and processed in a more meaningful way.

With IBP, businesses can achieve tangible results derived from the ability to:

  • Enable change with hands-on coaching and accelerators
  • Transform processes with reliable tools
  • Integrate finance to achieve a single aligned plan
  • Mitigate short-term disruptions 
  • Challenge the mentality of “the way we used to operate”
  • Complement organizational capabilities
  • Leverage digital planning technologies
  • Drive effective planning with analytics

Ultimately, the better business decisions enabled by EY-Pega IBP can help organizations improve revenues as they get more product to their customers, decrease production and supply chain costs, and better manage their suppliers so that they secure reduced inventory cost and the proper amount of product they need. Complex planning becomes simpler, faster, better and smarter. 

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