EY-Microsoft Alliance for Financial Organizations

The EY-Microsoft alliance teams are working together to reframe the future of financial services. We’re enabling the world’s leading financial services firms to transform at scale, innovate at speed, and create value that lasts no matter where you are on your cloud journey.

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Unlocking the transformative power of the cloud

Cloud computing has been at the top of the financial services technology agenda for more than a decade, with a focus on reducing costs and gaining efficiencies while navigating regulatory complexity and change. Today we are seeing a shift. It’s no longer just about moving workloads to the cloud. It’s about capitalizing on everything the cloud makes possible – transform business, elevate the customer experience, empower new ways of working, and drive competitive advantage. Learn how FIS used cloud migration to both modernize and enable a journey to future competitiveness in this case study.

Reimagining business in the cloud is no longer just an item on the technology roadmap – it’s the new strategic imperative.

Through the complexity, we see opportunity

Cloud transformation opens previously unimagined opportunities for the financial services sector – faster time to market, intelligent AI-powered products and services, and digital experiences that put humans at the center.

At the same time, cloud initiatives are often held back by uncertainty and complexity. The data-intensive and heavily regulated financial services sector faces unique challenges around industry convergence, regulatory hurdles, risk, security, and data governance.

Navigating this complexity to achieve the promise of cloud will demand new skills, a new cultural mindset, and trusted partners on the journey. It takes insight, experience, and a business-first approach to drive cloud transformation initiatives that will help you compete and thrive.

To date, we have supported 4,000 plus clients and executed 16,000 plus projects around the globe to support organizations’ digital transformations. EY teams provide solutions across the following Microsoft technologies and platforms.

Our core competencies include:

Advise: Seize strategic opportunities

Advisory services bring together EY Microsoft industry knowledge, technology expertize, C-level relationships, and regulatory insight to help  EY clients intelligently assess and seize new opportunities supported by cloud solutions:

  • Services-technology strategy
  • Acquisitions and transactions
  • Ecosystem partnerships
  • Regulatory risks and impacts

Transform: Bring new strategies to life

EY-Microsoft Services Group partners with a global network of Microsoft technology experts to design and deliver new cloud-powered solutions and modernize legacy applications in the cloud. Microsoft capabilities include:

  • Azure infrastructure and apps
  • Azure data and AI
  • D365 and Power Platform
  • M365
  • Cybersecurity

Operate: Drive efficiency, agility, and resiliency

EY offers Microsoft-powered managed services platforms that enable our clients to accelerate time to market, gain efficiencies, minimize risk, and refocus resources on higher value work:

  • Nexus for Insurance
  • Nexus for Banking
  • Nexus for Wealth and Asset Management
  • Financial Crime Compliance Platform
  • EY Comply
  • Tax Finance Operate

How FIS’s cloud modernization drives growth and market expansion

FIS’s cloud migration is both a modernization and an enablement journey to the future of competitiveness. Learn more in this case study.

Looking to accelerate business transformation with confidence?

The EY-Microsoft alliance team delivers transformative cloud solutions that help the world’s leading financial services firms seize the potential of the cloud to innovate at speed and create value that lasts.

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