How talent is key to transforming your operating model

In this episode, we discuss how talent can be an essential component of a transformational agile operating model.

Join us as we discuss how tech companies need an agile operating model to thrive and accelerate growth in this constantly changing business environment. Developing an agile operational structure; reimagining the workplace; redefining global compliance policies; and embracing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) needs are all key principles in driving a future-fit operating model. This focus has a massive impact on the organization and workforce, specifically in tech organizations.

In this episode, we explore the importance of organizational resiliency and the need for companies to identify vulnerabilities, including those related to talent, and be purposeful in how they go about reshaping their operating models and workforce to mitigate those vulnerabilities. 

We review the need for tech companies to be more agile, including through a staffing approach that leverages new talent-sourcing technologies and capabilities.  

Over the past few years, challenges in the workforce have intensified the need for companies to navigate generational shifts and focus on employee well-being to differentiate themselves as a great workplace. 

Finally, it’s clear that transformation requires constant change, and for the talent agenda, that includes new forms of collaboration and building a winning culture. A workforce that has humans at the center can position companies for success.

Hear insights from: 

  • Juliette Meunier, EY Americas TMT People Advisory Services Leader 

Along with our EY Tech Connect moderators: 

  • Andrew Young, EY Global TMT Analyst 
  • Christina Winquist, EY Global TMT Go-to-Market Strategy Leader 

Key takeaways: 

  • To gain deeper insights into the growing risks and challenges that technology companies must overcome while operating in a truly global environment, EY teams conducted a research survey of more than 750 technology company executives around the world, taking a representative view of companies by scale, geography and the technology subsector in which they sit. Explore the results.

  • To learn more about the EY Humans at the Center Study, please visit (via US).

For your convenience, full text transcript of this podcast is also available. 


Episode 8


32m 42s