The advanced manufacturing sector faces ongoing disruption at every turn, whether from emerging technologies or shifts in workforce trends. The risks are daunting, but the opportunities are endless.

Craig Coulter

EY Global Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility, Strategy & Operations and Sustainability Leader

Develops and drives strategies. Systemic dots connector. Results driven. Practical. Sustainability professional. Father of four.

As the Strategy & Operations and Sustainability Leader of the EY Global Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility (AM&M) team, Craig develops and drives the go-to-market strategic direction. At the same time, he focuses on developing and curating capabilities for environmental, social and governance (ESG) and decarbonization, as companies focus on systemic transition to a world where long-term growth is a critical component of financial success across AM&M.

Craig joined the Global AM&M industry market from the EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services practice in the US, where he provided environmental and sustainability services to large and diversified industrials, helping to build innovative sustainable strategy and supply chains.

Craig earned his BA in Political Science from Colorado College and has an MA (ABD) in International Development from the American University.

How Craig is building a better working world

“I build a better working world by breaking silos and layering a long-term strategic ESG perspective into our client engagements. By helping manufacturing and mobility companies manage their risks, I work toward finding immense growth opportunities as these companies look to innovate and develop into sustainable businesses to meet continuous challenges of market and consumer demands, supply chain issues, and new regulations.”

Craig's latest thinking

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