Peter Fricke

Associate Director, FinTech Business Development, EY Corporate Solutions GmbH & Co.KG

Venture and innovation strategy enthusiast. Experience with public and private capital markets. Passionate traveler and surfer.

Peter is developing and driving the EY organization’s FinTech strategy across EMEIA and Germany by building innovative and sustainable partnerships between the financial services and tech companies of the future. He is supporting FinTechs to grow and scale across their entire (funding) lifecycle from idea to exits. As well as help enabling digital transformation within the financial services industry.

Peter has more than 15 years of experience within the financial services industry including strategy as well as business related topics with focus on capital markets, fundraising, go-to-market approaches as well as venture and startup ecosystems.

Before joining the EY organization, Peter was working for a market infrastructure provider for more than 14 years and most recently responsible for its investor and startup network as well as all pre-IPO and going public sales and business development activities.

Peter holds Diploma in Economics from University of Mannheim.

How Peter is building a better working world

Peter strongly believes in the power of innovation, the spirit of entrepreneurship, and the potential of technology. It is his firm belief that FinTech companies embody these attributes at their core, serving as the vanguard of progress in the financial sector.

Thus, he puts great emphasis on supporting these FinTech enterprises in their endeavors to expand and scale their operations in order to ultimately enable a fundamental transformation within the financial services industry and foster a more dynamic and inclusive financial ecosystem.

Peter's latest thinking

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