Developing strategies to create, measure and maintain value for all stakeholders is integral to long-term business sustainability.

Sriram Changali

EY-Parthenon Asean Value Creation Leader

Passionate about value creation and performance improvement. Experienced in international management consulting.

Sriram is Asean EY-Parthenon Value Creation Leader helping businesses to achieve sustainable performance improvement.

He advises clients across diverse sectors in Southeast Asia, such as retail, food and beverage, financial services, manufacturing, health care, energy, pharmaceuticals and precision engineering, on a wide range of issues. These include growth strategy, operational improvements, digital transformation, investment strategy, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain and working capital optimization.

Previously, Sriram was an associate partner at an international management consulting firm and a lead design engineer at a digital industrial conglomerate.

Sriram holds an MBA from INSEAD.

How Sriram is building a better working world

“As societies today demand greater responsibility from organizations, businesses need to create long-term value across a wider group of stakeholders beyond shareholders, including suppliers, employees, consumers and the government.

I work closely with both private equity portfolio companies and corporates to assist them in their value creation journey from identification of opportunities to execution.”

Sriram’s latest thinking

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