Timo Boldt

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2023, United Kingdom
Founder and CEO of Gousto

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Timo Boldt’s meal kit company is delivering food that’s good for both customers and the environment.

Timo Boldt is revolutionizing the way people cook, eat and enjoy food while reducing waste. His meal kit company, Gousto, has had a remarkable journey since its formation in 2012. Today, the certified B Corporation meets a high standard of performance, transparency and accountability in employee benefits, supply chain practices and other areas.  

Timo’s early banking career often required long hours and food deliveries. He saw a gap in the market for healthy, responsibly sourced and affordable convenience dinners to eat at home. At the age of 26, he left his job and moved into university housing to help finance the project, packing all meals by hand and delivering them himself. He took an enormous financial risk in getting Gousto off the ground and did not take a salary for the first three years. 

Gousto is a data-first company, leveraging technology to offer maximum options, shortest lead time and best price.. In addition, its meals contribute 23% less CO2 than an equivalent supermarket shopping trip. Timo has made its technology available to other subscription businesses through Bento, which he founded in 2021.

Timo sits on the boards of two unicorns and is passionate about personal development. His overarching ambition is for Gousto to have a greater positive impact on people, including employees. The company strives for a people-centric culture that champions inclusivity, fairness and ownership of decision-making. It’s working — 95% of staff are shareholders in the business.

You will be rejected a thousand times, but if you really want to be an entrepreneur you have to find a way to make it happen.