Yozua Makes

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2024, Indonesia
Founder and CEO of PT Plataran Indonesia 

Share the joy of Yozua Makes’s winning moment at Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Indonesia.

Yozua Makes has transformed his love of country into a tourism powerhouse.

As one of Indonesia’s most reputable lawyers, Yozua Makes is the Founding and Managing Partner of the award-winning Makes & Partners Law Firm. But his deep love and passion for Indonesia have raised his profile as a lecturer, philanthropist and hospitality entrepreneur.  

Yozua believes that tourism is one of the fastest ways to educate people and fellow Indonesians, so he founded Plataran Group, an integrated hospitality services provider, to showcase the country’s rich and diverse heritage. Plataran means “God’s most favorite courtyard,” and its luxury brand of boutique hotels and resorts, private cruises, and dining and event venues reflects the group’s connection to and celebration of all the beauty of Indonesia.  

Plataran has been focused on ecotourism and #HospitalitywithImpact since its founding, as reflected by its contributions in the fields of conservation, culture and community. For example, Plataran encourages its guests to participate in this mission through various programs, from simply cleaning beaches to teaching English to village children. As a true Indonesian brand, the company is also committed to giving back through programs focused on preserving Indonesian culture and improving the skills and livelihoods of its employees and local communities by working with local producers, artists, craftsmen, and other small and medium enterprises.

Plataran has created job opportunities in areas with poor living standards, such as West Bali and Labuan Bajo. In the area surrounding its Borobudur location, the community mortality rate has dropped because Plataran offers new sources of income beyond selling fruits. Through Plataran, Yozua has proved to be a visionary, taking a courageous leap into tourism to make a difference for Indonesia and Indonesians. 

My entrepreneur journey has been nothing short of life-changing, as I didn’t even dare to dream to be a top player in an industry so foreign to me.