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18 Sep 2023 

EY Thailand’s 2023 Annual Japanese seminar/webinar was held in Bangkok

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EY Thailand's 2023 Annual Japanese seminar/webinar, held on Tuesday, 12 September 2023 in Bangkok, explored the theme of “Managing for the future.”  The event attracted 148 attendees in-person and virtually, and featured three sessions.

The first session, JGAAP and TFRS for NPAEs; and revised J-SOX, delivered by Koshiro Yamaoka, Takeshi Nakao and Kenji Fujimoto, covered comparative accounting standards and the update on J-SOX. Tips for integration and visualization of financial and operational data for subsidiaries in Thailand was the consulting topic by Mayu Kotsuji, offering insights into integrating and visualizing financial and operational data for Thai subsidiaries of Japanese companies. The third session by Takeshi Hayashibe and Hayato Matsuzaki, Thailand tax and legal refreshing; and an introduction to a new merger law, provided updates on Thailand’s legal and tax landscape, including a new merger law. Participants commented that, “It was a good opportunity to learn about the overall business environment, accounting and taxation in Thailand.”, “Thank you for your valuable presentation. The seminar was concise and very easy to understand, including revised TFRS for NPAEs and latest topics on international taxation.”, etc.

At the venue, EY’s Japanese Publication Desk was set up to distribute various EY publications to Japanese client executives. The morning seminar was followed by 10 individual consultation sessions in the afternoon. EY Bangkok’s JBS team, led by Wichart Lokatekrawee, Yupa Wichitkraisorn and Kusuma Vivattanaprasert, has held annual seminars for EY Thailand and EY Japan clients since 2002.

EY Thailand’s 2023 Annual Japanese seminar/webinar was held in Bangkok