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Launching our ESG and sustainability services

As members of the Caribbean, we are increasingly aware of the impacts of climate change and unsustainable development globally and in the region. Ethical business is a priority, and it is now all our duty to support sustainable economic, social and environmental development now and for our future generations.

EY Caribbean is committed to supporting the region in sustainable transformation by working with stakeholders from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to enable the adoption of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainability strategies for our clients.

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Our sustainability team

Earth Day 2023 series

The initial installment of our Earth Day 2023 2-part series explores the ways that Trinidad and Tobago can invest in our planet.

solo traveller high up on tropical island mountain

Climate action series

This consecutive three-part series explores the science and trends of climate change, the traditional definition of ‘development’ in our societies, and gaining perspective on solutions for the Caribbean.

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Featured thought leadership


How to realize the full potential of ESG+

Today’s ESG approach faces challenges, but better insight is crucial to building a fairer and more sustainable future.

7 Jul 2021 Steve Varley


How can carbon negative unlock positive value for the planet?

To help build a better working world, EY will be carbon negative in 2021 and net zero in 2025.

25 Jan 2021 EY Global


EY remains carbon negative and advances toward net zero in 2025

EY made strong progress on its carbon ambition in FY22 against its seven-point action plan, and remains on track to reach net zero in 2025.

20 Sep 2022 Carmine Di Sibio