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Our global private equity team can help you identify, invest in and transform companies to create more value across your portfolio, at every step of your transaction lifecycle.

Our latest thinking

How the drivers of private equity value creation are changing

Discover the five key drivers in private equity value creation in uncertain markets.

How to get the most value from GenAI among portfolio companies

GenAI is transforming PE value creation and reshaping investment strategies to create strategic advantage. Learn more.

Private Equity Pulse: key takeaways from Q1 2024

The PE Pulse is a quarterly report that provides data and insights on private equity market activity and trends. Read the latest report.

Are you harnessing the growth and resilience of private capital?

Private capital markets have been outperforming equities, offering investors opportunities of higher yields and portfolio diversification. Learn more.

How do you steady the course of your IPO journey in a changing landscape?

EY Global IPO Trends Q1 2024 provides insights, facts and figures on the IPO market and implications for companies planning to go public. Learn more.

How GenAI is reshaping private equity investment strategy

A balanced approach to investment strategy is needed to defend against GenAI disruption while also driving portfolio performance. Learn more.

How to leverage generative AI to enhance private equity performance

GenAI strategy execution by PE firms must be informed by a combination of fast and smart moves. Learn more.

Five ways private equity can unlock the power of pricing

Read our latest EY-Parthenon B2B Pricing article highlighting the role of pricing capabilities in maximizing value.

Three tech pillars driving value creation for PE portfolio companies

PE firms must ensure technology-led value creation aligns with their investment thesis while still prioritizing long-term competitiveness. Learn more.

How B2B pricing strategies widen the gap between PE winners and losers  

Read the 2023 EY-Parthenon Global B2B Pricing Study highlighting the role of pricing capabilities in maximizing value.

Four key areas for cost reduction and value creation in private equity

A focus on cost optimization can be used by private equity to build corporate resilience. Find out more.

Private equity firms are harnessing the ESG premium

Private equity firms need to focus on data to be able to tell a convincing story on ESG. Learn more.

Three ways CFOs are adapting to emerging private equity trends

Discover the latest insights on private equity trends from the EY Global Private Equity Survey to make better, more informed investment decisions.

Three cash disciplines to create value and resilience

Building the cash discipline and control needed in today’s markets will ensure future resiliency. Find out more.

Can resilience shape a shifting landscape?

Investors remain interested in alternative funds, and managers focus on their traditional strengths while responding to market opportunities. Read more.

Can PE firms focused on purpose-driven investing do the same for hiring?

As competition in the PE space increases and firms expand into new strategies, the talent agenda is moving to the forefront. Learn more.

Why due diligence has become vital to value creation

The PE approach to diligence is about what you can do with an asset. Learn more.

How PE firms are realizing the value of tax and finance operations

Having enjoyed considerable success in recent years, private equity firms are now transforming tax and finance operations to build for the future. Read more.

Why successful investors focus on sustainability pre- and post-IPO

An EU directive will soon obligate companies to adopt an ESG strategy. In anticipation, pre-IPO candidates should articulate their position. Learn more.

How PE can put ESG at the heart of their portfolio

PE’s ESG strategy should target the right assets as well as improve the ESG performance of businesses they already back.

How PE CFOs create value through all five stages of the investment lifecycle

Private equity CFOs are central to every stage of the investment lifecycle, setting priorities and spotting opportunities to maximize exit value.

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