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Three in four businesses failing to manage talent mobility effectively, as demand for international work experience soars

Companies around the world could be at risk of losing out in the race for talent and driving business resilience because they are failing to mobilize their workforce effectively and create opportunities for flexible work experiences, according to the EY 2024 Mobility Reimagined Survey.

23 Apr 2024 | London, GBR | Emile Abu-Shakra

EY launches OpsChain Contract Manager solution to support secure private business agreements on public Ethereum

The EY organization today announces the launch of EY OpsChain Contract Manager (OCM), a transformative blockchain-enabled solution for contract management. EY OCM helps enterprises to execute complex business agreements, supporting confidentiality, helping improve time efficiency, and achieving cost reduction, with automatic adherence to the agreed terms.

17 Apr 2024 | London, GBR | Barbara Dimajo

Recent Analyst recognition

EY is a Leader in IDC Worldwide Smart Manufacturing Strategy MarketScape

EY’s strength lies in ensuring customers can effectively exploit technology after deployment.

17 Jan 2024

EY named a Leader in IDC WW Supply Chain Other Ecosystems MarketScape

EY's strengths lie in its business transformation abilities and alliances with tech leaders for seamless global execution and coordination.

05 Jan 2024

EY named a Leader in IDC MarketScape ESG Program Management Services

The IDC study evaluated capabilities and strategies of 11 vendors including the technology-led, multidisciplinary and specialty firms.

05 Jan 2024

EY named a Leader in the Everest group's MCP Solutions Assessment 2023

EY's holistic approach and use of technology, including Generative AI, has made it a leader in the Everest MCP Solutions Assessment 2023.

13 Nov 2023

EY named a Leader in the HFS Horizons Generative Enterprise™ Report

As per the report, EY focuses on applying GenAI and AI to rethink how the enterprise works.

07 Nov 2023

EY named a Leader in the HFS Cards and payments Horizons report

According to HFS, EY promotes payment transformation and helps vendors and buyers through consultancy capabilities and tech-enabled reforms.

12 Oct 2023

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