EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022 candidates

Winners were announced at the Award Ceremony.

Overall winner, Social Impact nomination

ZIRA Natural & Gourmet is an Azerbaijani national brand that represents the nation’s rich agricultural and gastronomic traditions by offering a selection of jams, fruit preserves, sauces and vegetable antipasti. The main concept of ZIRA is to produce supreme quality products and promote Azerbaijan globally in the premium food sector. An important quality criterion is that the products must be completely natural, thus all the ingredients are sourced from small-scale local farmers across the country who use traditional and chemical-free methods of cultivation. The company exports its products to countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine, and also to some non-conventional markets for Azerbaijani products, such as Japan and USA.

Never give up.
Afet Ahmadova
Owner and Director

Best Customer Solution nomination

Since its inception in 2017, YIĞIM Payment System has been offering high-tech payment solutions to clients. The payment solution allows entrepreneurs to promptly collect payments through multiple payment channels such as Payment Terminals, Mobile Banking applications, e-wallets via single connection. The system also provides processing services. The system features a wide range of functional solutions for accepting payments with bank cards through websites and mobile applications. The Payment system holds “PCI DSS Level 1” certificate designed to remember and proceed card details. The software used belongs entirely to the YIĞIM brand. More than 200 companies entrust cash and cashless payments to YIĞIM Payment System due to exclusive solutions, agility and professional approach offered. Client portfolio features such international companies as Wolt, Bolt, Maxim as well as Absheron Group, PMD Hospitality hotels and well-known brands including 189, Optimal Electronics and Music Gallery. The services provided are unique not only in Azerbaijan, but also in other countries. The company's existing customers have offered YIĞIM cooperation in other countries of operation, such as Georgia, and Central Asian states. The Company is planning to operate in at least two foreign countries in 2022.

The desire to change things for the better is that force that drives us, both at work and in life. Passion for generating new ideas and bringing them to life feeds us with a special energy. Work is a creative process for me! Yet, the joy and the pride I feel when I see the results is short-lived, as soon enough you're already hungry again for new accomplishments and goals.
Vugar Jafarov
Co-founder and Director

Innovations nomination

ATL Tech is one of the largest software companies in Azerbaijan, both by headcount and revenue. It provides contact center solutions and ERP software. ATL Tech’s aim is to ensure that the companies they work with are efficient and can be easily reached out to. Between 30 and 40 thousand phone calls are processed and managed on a daily basis via ATL’s software. ATL has an AI laboratory working on speech-to-text recognition in Azerbaijani language. ATL expands its operations beyond Azerbaijan and currently serves clients in neighbouring Georgia, the UK and the US. Moreover, ATL Tech plans to become a regional leader in software development.

The only constant is constant change.
Rashad Mirzayev

ELAD is a transport service company with more than 10 years of experience in this field. ELAD has sought to establish itself as a responsible and reliable partner in the auto services market, providing the following: shuttle bus service, transfer services from and to the airport, meeting and moving guests around the city and across the country, car rental with a driver, road transport evacuation. International cargo transportation is also one of the company's specialties. Today, ELAD has at its disposal a sufficient number of vehicles of various categories, which allows them to cater for their customers' various requirements.

We work in different segments, yet we treat each customer individually. The satisfaction of each client is of absolute importance for us.
Elkhan Jaminski
Owner and Director

Fortune Trade is a supplier and official distributor of lubricants, filters, various fluids and AdBlue products manufactured by several brands in Azerbaijan. The company satisfies demand of both corporate and individual customers by offering industrial, engine, transmission oils, brake fluids, antifreezes,a wide range of filter options and AdBlue. Moreover, Fortune Trade is the founder of www.oilmarket.az website, the first online platform for the sale of such products. The Company is planning to launch production of lubricants in Azerbaijan in upcoming years, arrange export and promote Azerbaijani brand in the world market. Also, the company is planning to further expand its customer portfolio emerging abroad.

Always nurture your inner energy that compels you to move forward and sets the right direction for you. That way you'll remain active and achieve your ambitions.
Orkhan Baghirli

Founded in 2003, IDEA is engaged in the production of small architectural forms of wood and iron for public areas and application of such products in construction projects. Such auxiliary architectural structures manufactured by the company include benches, poles, kiosks, bus stops, etc. used in open spaces. The company's portfolio features more than 500 varieties. The products are distinguished by high quality and long warranty and are exported to Qatar, UAE, Russia, Great Britain, etc. IDEA is the only company in the CIS and the Middle East offering such a wide range of products. The goal is to become a world-renowned brand and represent Azerbaijan.

What comes first is a well defined objective. Once we see the goal, we'll eventually figure out how we achieve it.
Ibrahim Alisoy
Owner and CEO

JL Tech's core business operation is in the field of data technologies. JL Tech gives its customers an opportunity to ease data access, get insights and see a broader picture of their data, thereby making them more efficient. Currently JL Tech holds Oracle’s “Gold partner” and “partner of the year” status as they've struck the largest deal in the region. Besides Azerbaijan, JL Tech already has representative offices in Georgia, Ukraine and since January 2021 in Turkey, where further expansion is planned.

There is no success without failure and there is no failure without trying. So try, fail and succeed.
Abdulla Isayev

Portmanat is the first e-wallet system in Azerbaijan. Portmanat’s main purpose is to generate value in people's lives and make online experience easier for users. It offers B2B and B2C solutions for its clients. It is the first such platform that allows the integration of a payment system into websites in a very short period of time (about 2 hours). Portmanat launched the function of short-term lending to its clients. Another product called “Portmanat Avans” allows employees of various companies to receive the required portion of their salary before the due date. Portmanat plans to become a digital bank and issue its own payment cards.

The profit that a business generates is a chance given to it by the customers. Therefore, business owners must pay it back to the community by constantly creating new values.
Telman Akhundov

Your Decor & Events was founded in 2018. The company offers various service lines, including event organization and event management, advertising, promotional products, VIP gifts and more. Your Decor & Events is known not just in Azerbaijan, but also outside of the country, namely Canada, USA and Europe. The company has organized events at a ministerial level and staged many international events. Your Decor & Events guides clients on how to organize and conduct the events efficiently, and helps them in shaping ideas and concepts that they want to implement.

We don't treat our customers merely as clients, we consider them to be our friends.
Elmar Rahimov

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