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EY Nexus™ for Insurance

Insurance platform-as-a-service helps companies launch new products faster and enhance the customer experience with advanced digital and analytical capabilities.

Imagine launching a new brand in months rather than years

Imagine satisfying ever-rising customer expectations for fully personalized offerings and rich digital experiences. And staying ahead of rapid technology advancements. And having the technological agility to react quickly to unexpected, highly disruptive events. With EY Nexus, it’s all possible. Because now more than ever, insurers need to be digital, agile and automated. With EY Nexus, insurers can launch new products, new business models and even entirely new brands in 12 months or less.

EY Nexus is a cloud-native platform designed to help accelerate innovation and transformation. It offers access to the most advanced technologies in the insurance industry. By eliminating technology complexity and organizational barriers to change, EY Nexus frees insurers to make their biggest and best innovation ideas operational realities — faster, more scalable and with less risk than ever before.

EY Nexus for Insurance
  • Launch new products faster: accelerate product design, release product updates quickly to stay fresh and relevant in the market
  • Reposition with new companies and brands: innovate and drive growth with new offerings and value propositions
  • Replace, optimize and extend core operations systems: modernize legacy systems to digitize processes, support future innovation and access new tools
  • Strengthen agent and customer engagement: create highly personalized, intuitive and efficient experiences

Think bigger, go faster and execute better with EY Nexus

At the heart of EY Nexus is a curated ecosystem of innovative technology and software providers to help insurers create their own platforms and launch agile operations. EY teams have evaluated, engaged and actively monitored more than 650 of the strongest InsurTech players across the value chain — from underwriting and product design, to marketing and distribution, to policy administration and billing, to claims and customer service.

EY Nexus also features support for core operations, IT infrastructure and managed services. EY Digital Enablement Platform streamlines integration, helps enable customization and strengthens security. EY turnkey Managed Services helps insurers stay focused on what comes next, based on efficient technology operations and continual upgrades as new tools and apps become available. It’s how technology can be deployed to achieve business goals at the pace customers and markets expect.

New products, new business models, even entirely new brands — with EY Nexus, insurers can launch them in a fraction of the time they’re used to. Think months rather than years.

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