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Help banks and insurance companies transform their IT architecture to meet the finance, risk and compliance challenges of tomorrow.

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Florian zechser

On the road to the client by bike. Navigating complexity, making sustainable choices, going the extra mile – the journey is a symbol of how we approach challenges.

Florian Zechser

EY ifb EMEIA Financial Services Manager, Business Administration

Reimagining complex risk and compliance projects in the financial services industry

At EY ifb, we give you the freedom to use your knowledge and skills to shape the future of the financial services sector.

EY ifb offers transformative, technology-enabled services to banks and insurance companies. We have more than 30 years’ experience in finance and risk consulting, delivering large, complex projects that redefine business models.

We are part of the wider EY network, so your career with us will be supported by the resources, talent and technology of a global organization. We’ll help you ask better questions, seek better answers and build a better working world.

Our corporate culture is characterized by openness, teamwork and innovation, with a wide range of career development opportunities. There is a positive working atmosphere in which employees are encouraged to contribute their ideas, take responsibility and develop their skills. We value and encourage work-life balance.

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EY ifb – where passion and professionalism meet

Are you enthusiastic, professional and a team player? We connect talent and technology to deliver leading-edge advice and solutions that help banks and insurance companies reshape and optimize their business models.

Violeta Prykhodchenko, the volleyball player in the picture from EY ifb, is a fitness enthusiast and strategic thinker who believes that success comes from combining diverse skills and ideas.

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Working for EY ifb

Our people are our most valuable resource. We’re passionate about developing our employees’ potential – and the opportunities are endless. You’ll be inspired by varied, challenging projects, working in a dynamic, stimulating environment alongside talented colleagues and interesting clients.
High angle group people planning in office

Why EY ifb?

We provide an improved technology facilitated transformation services in accounting, controlling, regulation, risk management and compliance. As a global SAP partner, we have broad experience and know-how in the SAP domain and architecture.

We work closely with the clients to develop individual solutions tailored to their specific business needs and goals, helping them navigate disruption and build resilience.

As part of the global EY network, you will benefit from a wide range of resources, experience and a global presence. EY ifb clients benefit from working with professionals, who keep their knowledge up-to-date through continuous training so that they are in tune with their clients’ needs and understand their world. This is fundamental to the success and future growth of their businesses.

Your career at EY ifb

Our training program offers the best of both worlds. If you join us as a graduate, you’ll get to know the banking and insurance industries through our introductory program and New Joiner Training. At the same time, you’ll develop your SAP expertise and expand your professional network. You’ll be part of a dynamic peer group where you can exchange ideas and learn from experienced consultants. You’ll make valuable contacts here, both professionally and personally, that sometimes lead to lifelong friendships.

If you join us as a professional, we’ll connect you to your colleagues at our Onboarding Day and quickly introduce you to projects. You’ll meet other EY ifb professionals from all over the world at the regular symposiums, where you can discuss pressing topics and get to know each other better.

Within EY ifb you’ll find fewer rigid structures and rules but more freedom to shoulder responsibility, take the initiative and participate In an active way. Mistakes are openly addressed and seen as a learning opportunity, and we always welcome questions. We rely on everyone to be willing to develop their knowledge base and ask for support so that we can find solutions for the most challenging problems together.

And as part of the global EY network, you can connect to a wide range of resources, experience and teams in more than 150 countries worldwide.

As soon as you join us, you become part of the EY ifb family. Our culture is based on dialogue, collaboration-based cooperation and a flat hierarchy. Our doors are always open and we attach great importance to team spirit and mutual support. We offer you the opportunity to take on responsibility in a challenging environment and to build your skills.  

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New joiners

Hear from our people in EY ifb

People treat each other with appreciation and respect, regardless of career level. This team spirit is one of the main reasons I so enjoy working for EY ifb.

Like most natural scientists, I was faced with the choice of pursuing the conventional path of doctoral studies or entering the job market. IT consulting aroused my curiosity because I had really enjoyed bioinformatics and programming in college, but I was a little worried that consulting might not fit my personality. However, I felt comfortable with EY ifb right from the start.

My first months were very exciting. Most of the 15 new trainees were also recent college graduates and we really bonded. After that first round of training, I was lucky enough to spend three months in the development team of our partner SAP, which really prepared me for my first project at a bank.

My colleagues were very supportive from the start, taking time to explain things from the ground up. People treat each other with appreciation and respect, regardless of their career level. This team spirit is one of the main reasons I so enjoy working for EY ifb.

Charlotte Kohne

I’m currently helping a client with business analysis for Abacus A360, a reporting software tool. The main focus is on error analysis; whenever data is incorrectly calculated or transferred, I search for causes and possible solutions working with other business analysts and sometimes colleagues from development and the specific business unit.

I’ve always enjoyed thinking through different strategies and breaking down a problem. The thinking isn’t all that different from how it is in a laboratory, where something can go wrong in an experiment and solutions have to be found.

My basic knowledge of programming from college was helpful, but determination and being able to solve problems independently has proved more important.

In my work with EY ifb, I really value my co-workers and the opportunity to continually take on new tasks and subject areas. My colleagues are extremely good at what they do, they provide constant support and are always open to questions. This team spirit was especially helpful in the beginning. When I joined EY ifb, I really wasn't familiar with EY ifb's specializations. The in-house training phase provides you with an overview, but you learn most through working with clients. Sometimes you simply have to jump in at the deep end, for example when you take on your first client project and have to prove yourself.

Esther Pfuhl

My basic knowledge of programming from college was helpful, but determination and being able to solve problems independently has proved more important. My specialization is data integration and modelling; I take care of the design and implementation of extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes and data warehouses, mostly using SAP means and the ABAP programming language. Thanks to my training as a physicist, I've become a real techie and networking pro at EY ifb. Many industries, including consulting, have the reputation of being male-dominated, but I’ve never felt disadvantaged as a woman at EY ifb.

One of the most interesting experiences in my time with EY ifb group was spending 18 months on a project in Canada. It was extremely exciting to work in a different environment, getting to know new people and a new culture.

I have the freedom to bring my values to the table, while also developing and living my vision of how co-workers and leaders can interact.

At EY ifb less emphasis is placed on counting working hours and more on results. It’s a way of working that I knew and liked from my studies and was happy to continue. It may sound clichéd, but achieving something as a team is our top priority.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve taken on many different areas of responsibility and have become a senior team leader. I quickly realized that EY ifb a place you can feel comfortable and thrive. I have the freedom to bring my values to the table, while also developing and living my vision of how co-workers and leaders can interact. I have the opportunity to help shape and support entire career paths. I see myself not just as a boss, but also as a motivator, consultant and helmsman for new markets and opportunities. In addition to team management, I’m currently promoting topics that have interested me right from the start, such as business warehousing, developments in the field of artificial intelligence or in-memory.

Esther Pfuhl

Work-life balance is important to me. I can work flexibly, so that I still have the capacity to pursue my interests outside of work and spend quality time with my family. Technology means I can stay in constant contact with everyone close to me when I’m traveling. At the same time, changing project locations also means I can take part in sports and cultural activities that enrich my life and provide experiences I can share with my family and friends back home.

Imke reese

At EY ifb, our diverse talents, temperaments and interests are our superpower for tackling complex projects. The right mix makes all the difference.

Imke Reese

EY ifb Financial Services Organization Talent Leader

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