Welcome to the EY-Parthenon Alumni Network

Our community just got a whole lot bigger. Welcome to our EY-Parthenon Alumni Network. We are excited to bring the entire community together.

hand drawing a blue arrow on a blackboard

Whether you are from the legacy Parthenon Group, EY-Parthenon or EY, we welcome everyone to the community.

The network now offers many new features. You can search for individuals, review the job board, post jobs and utilize the enhanced career search functionality. It is also a great way to stay connected to what is happening at EY-Parthenon including announcements about upcoming events, new thought leadership launches, news and much more.


Please note if you had an account on the previous Parthenon Alumni Portal, your information will still be in this network, but you will need to register again to activate your profile.


For all new members, please register to create a profile.


If you encounter any issues while registering, please contact us.