Anny Chen

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Asia-Pacific Class of 2023
Founder and CEO, Kuaikan Comics, Greater China

Anny Chen is the Founder and CEO of Kuaikan Comics, a national comic platform and sharing community for young people in China. It was founded in 2014.

Anny Chen was a successful original comic creator who received admiration and a considerable income for her work. However, she realized several of her peers in the comic realm were still struggling. She found many aspects of the industry that needed to be improved. That's how the idea of shaping a comic platform originated.

In September 2014, the "Kuaikan Comics" app was founded. This distinctive platform helps cartoonists upload their original works, opening up the chain of cartoon IP commercialization and letting cartoonists live a decent life.

A leader in the domestic comic industry, Kuaikan had over 340 million users in August 2014, and the monthly number of active users were over 50 million.

In 2015, Anny was selected as the Influential Person of the Year of Microblog Animation, and in 2016, she was rated as the New Upstart of Entrepreneurship under the Age of 30 by Chuangye Bang.

In 2017, she was listed in Forbes' "China's Top 30 Elites under the Age of 30" and won the Golden Dragon Award for Best Animation and Game Manager. In 2018, she was listed in the Business Magnolia list selected by China Entrepreneur.

The vision of Kuaikan Comics is to become the super entertainment company of the future. We provide one-stop services in the fields of comics, comic series, community, animation film and TV, peripheral derivatives, games, and offline experiences to bring rich entertainment experiences to users worldwide.