Elizabeth Barbalich

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Asia-Pacific Class of 2023
Founder and CEO, Antipodes Wellness Ltd, New Zealand

Elizabeth Barbalich is the founder and CEO of Antipodes Wellness Ltd, a New Zealand-based beauty brand that focuses on providing high-quality, plant-powered skincare made from nature-friendly formulations, with sustainability and style in symbiosis.

Science, nature, beauty and wellness have always been a part of Elizabeth’s life. Born in a small town in the Canterbury Plains, during the initial part of her career, Elizabeth studied science and business at tertiary level before spending eight years in a sales role, traveling around the world for a US surgical corporation that pioneered the technology for keyhole surgery. After studying natural health, using her prior research on natural New Zealand ingredients, and spending time mixing and testing formulas, she founded Antipodes in 2004.

As a privately owned business competing with large multinational beauty brands, there were significant risks that came with the amount of investment required upfront to getting the brand set up for growth. In the first years, challenges included bringing in enough revenue, expanding the brand footprint, and access to retail channels and transportation.

Today, Antipodes is a multiple award-winning brand, sold on four continents, and well-recognized as a marquee skincare product for using locally sourced, natural ingredients, packaged in premium recyclable materials. The brand has been featured in Vogue and Elle, and worn by international icons like Billie Eilish and Katie Holmes, to name a few.

Our vision is to become a leading sustainable green beauty brand globally, bringing New Zealand’s purest ingredients to the world. Antipodes is trailblazing a new niche in sustainable skincare, utilizing traceable ingredients and recyclable packaging and delivering scientific results.