Anne Ma

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Asia-Pacific Class of 2024
Co-founder and CEO, Shukun Technology, Greater China

Anne Ma is the co-founder and CEO of Shukun Technology, a company that offers advanced intelligent products and innovative solutions to the healthcare industry. The company, a leading medical artificial intelligence (AI) enterprise, was founded in 2017. Through fostering innovation, Anne's team has made significant strides in utilizing AI technology within the medical sector.

The global healthcare sector grapples with a shared issue of doctor shortages and uneven distribution of medical resources, particularly impacting imaging doctors. Given that over 80% of clinical data is composed of medical images essential for diagnoses and treatments, this is a pressing concern. To address this, Anne teamed up with others to found Shukun Technology, with the goal of making smart medical services accessible worldwide.

Shukun Technology was recognized as a technologically advanced 'little giant', a China Unicorn Enterprise, and won the second prize in the Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award. Previously, Anne had worked for IBM where she won the ‘Best of IBM’ and the ‘IBM Outstanding Technical Contribution Awards.’

In 2020, Anne was named in the "30 AI Entrepreneurs in China” by World Innovators Meet, and "Fortune 40 Under 40" by Fortune magazine. A year later, Fortune Magazine listed her among the "Most Powerful Women." Forbes included her in their “Women in Tech” feature in 2022. Under her leadership, Shukun Technology won four major awards, including three first prizes, in the inaugural National Digital Health Innovation Application Competition in 2023.

Our vision is to provide accessible smart healthcare services to all human beings.