Fay Cho

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Asia-Pacific Class of 2024
Chairman and CEO, DAWON & Company Co Ltd, South Korea

Fay Cho is the Chairman and CEO of the DAWON & Company Co Ltd, one of the leading interior design firms in South Korea.  

The organization combines interior design and construction, with an extensive professional knowledge of space and design philosophy. Established by Fay in 1995 in Seoul, Korea, the company's primary goal is to amplify the value of space by offering accurate guidance to clients. 

The firm currently has the total market share of 2.5% locally and it has built a presence in the US, India, Vietnam and Philippines. 

The first five years of Fay's business were challenging, primarily due to foreign exchange crises. Undeterred, she seized the opportunities provided by foreign companies entering the domestic market. Since then, there has been a consistent growth trajectory. The company expanded into additional business sectors, such as luxury housing, hotels and exhibition space. From its humble beginnings with a handful of employees, the firm now boasts a staff of over 500.

Fay adheres to a “timeless” design philosophy that withstands the test of time and offers an aesthetic spatial experience. She believes prioritizing customers’ demands is a key element to ensuring their satisfaction and success.

This belief stems from her parents' advice of emphasizing the importance of contributing to society and respecting others. 

In 2023, Fay received “the EY Entrepreneur of The Year-Women Entrepreneur Award.” She has also received the “South Korea Remodeling Award — Seoullo Terrace,” and “KOSCA — Performance Excellence Award” in 2018 and 2016, respectively. 

Our vision is to reach a sales target of US$750 million by 2030 and increase our market share to 5%.