Kiki Usui

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Asia-Pacific Class of 2024
Founder and CEO, Hubbit,inc, Japan

Kiki Usui is the founder and CEO of Hubbit,inc. Founded in 2019, Hubbit is a Japanese company specializing in "Age-Tech," committed to improving the lives of the elderly through innovative technology. Their flagship product, the Carebee tablet, is specifically designed for seniors to help connect with their loved ones. Recognizing that technology can be daunting for some seniors, the Carebee tablet is designed to provide a user-friendly experience that requires no technical learning.

Hubbit was born out of a life event that touched Kiki deeply — the declining health and ultimate loss of her grandfather. As a professional in the IT sector, she began pondering the incorporation of technology to assist her ailing grandfather, enabling him to communicate at ease and spend his days according to his wishes. This led to the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey.

After graduating from Waseda University, Kiki joined Yahoo, where she was entrusted with duties spanning sales, marketing and business development. She is a visiting faculty member at Fujita Medical College and a researcher at National Institute for Longevity Sciences.

Hubbit secured the third position in the J-StarX presentation pitch at Draper University. Kiki envisions positioning Hubbit as the leading age-tech provider within Japan and aspires to venture into the creation of anti-aging products and broaden the company's international presence.

Our vision is to leverage technology in enhancing the quality of life's twilight stages. We strive to create an environment where individuals can maintain their dignity and create their independence for as long as possible, shaping a future where everyone can age gracefully.