Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ EMEIA Class of 2023

These visionary entrepreneurs are driving growth and innovation right across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. The 55 successful women entrepreneurs join a global community of inspiring peer role models spanning 55 countries and with over 800 alumnae. Read more.


Photographic portrait of Stella Sigana
Photographic portrait of Lauren Anderson
Photographic portrait of Farana Boodhram
Photographic portrait of Ego Iwegbu

Stella Sigana

Alternative Waste Technologies | Kenya

Provides alternative waste technology supplies to mitigate against climate change.

Lauren Anderson

Koa Academy | South Africa

Online school combining a robust academic education with an individualized approach.

Farana Boodhram

Midesk Global | South Africa

Designs wheelie school bags for children without desks in rural schools.

Ego Iwegbu

MsLondon Cosmetics | South Africa

Clean makeup brand that provides natural coverage for all skin types and skin tones.

Photographic portrait of Tarisai Moffat
Photographic portrait of Ngwanamatloa Mokone
Photographic portrait of Vanessa Raath

Tarisai Moffat

Gateway Synergy | South Africa

Digital content production house for brands entering Africa.

Ngwanamatloa Mokone

ABOT Technology | South Africa

Software development company that builds cutting-edge technology solutions.

Vanessa Raath

The Talent Hunter | South Africa

Offline and online talent sourcing training for recruiters.


Photographic portrait of Kremena Karaulanova
Photographic portrait of Eva Vucheva
Photographic portrait of Militza Zikatanova
Photographic portrait of Anne Karina Asbjørn

Kremena Karaulanova

Laren hotel cosmetics & textile | Bulgaria

Designs and produces shampoos and shower gels for hotels globally.

Eva Vucheva

Contento | Bulgaria

Business process outsourcing company combining AI with a human-centric approach.

Militza Zikatanova

Wine Cellar Villa Melnik | Bulgaria

Produces boutique wines from indigenous Bulgarian and international grape varieties.

Anne Karina Asbjørn

Copenhagen Cartel | Denmark

Offers high-quality and long-lasting swimwear products to avoid waste and create wear.

Photographic portrait of Laura Figulla
Photographic portrait of Chanyu Xu
Photographic portrait of Anne Abberton
Photographic portrait of Elaine Brady

Laura Figulla

Mbiomics | Germany

Developing the first generation of effective live bacterial therapeutics.

Chanyu Xu

Her One | Germany

Offers holistic nutritional products that empower women’s health and wellness.

Anne Abberton

FiXX Coffee | Ireland

Independent coffee brand that creates and sells consistently superb coffee.

Elaine Brady

Barden | Ireland

Talent advisory and recruitment firm that supports professionals in their careers.

Photographic portrait of Loretta Dignam
Photographic portrait of Sandra Healy
Photographic portrait of Stella Power
Photographic portrait of Caroline Reidy

Loretta Dignam

The Menopause Hub | Ireland

Enhancing women’s lives during their menopausal years.

Sandra Healy

Inclusio | Ireland

Delivers a scientific approach to measuring workforce diversity and culture.

Stella Power

Annertech | Ireland

Digital agency focusing on creating exceptional online user experiences.

Caroline Reidy

The HR Suite | Ireland

Provides HR consultancy and training to businesses throughout Ireland.

Photographic portrait of Meg Faure
Photographic portrait of Sophia Tienstra
Photographic portrait of Claire van Beek
Photographic portrait of Irina Arsene

Meg Faure

Parent Sense | Jersey

Offers comprehensive solutions for new parents and early childhood education.

Sophia Tienstra

LX matten | The Netherlands

Redefining entrance aesthetics while enhancing functionality.

Claire van Beek

Moodies | The Netherlands

Creates high-quality underwear that helps people manage their menstrual cycle.

Irina Arsene

mindit.io | Romania

A software product engineering company catalyzing digital transformation.

Photographic portrait of Majbritt Byskov Bridges
Photographic portrait of Mine Uran
Photographic portrait of Margaret Dabbs
Photographic portrait of Lemon Fuller

Majbritt Byskov-Bridges

Alver | Switzerland

Produces high-protein vegan foods using a unique microalgae.

Mine Uran

Alver | Switzerland

Produces high-protein vegan foods using a unique microalgae.

Margaret Dabbs OBE

Margaret Dabbs London | United Kingdom

Provides innovative, powerful, results-driven beauty products and treatments.

Lemon Fuller

Lemonade | United Kingdom

Ethical underwear business that champions inclusivity and diversity.

Photographic portrait of Emma Macdonald
Photographic portrait of Nazanin Nankali
Photographic portrait of Emma O'Brien
Photographic portrait of Jenny Ousbey

Emma Macdonald

TBCo | United Kingdom

Creates fashion and lifestyle products that have a positve impact on the planet.

Nazanin Nankali

Powertutors | United Kingdom

An online and in-person tailored tutoring service for all ages and subjects.

Emma O'Brien

Embridge Consulting | United Kingdom

Delivers meaningful back-office and operational business transformation.

Jenny Ousbey

OVID Health | United Kingdom

Specializes in healthcare public affairs, patient advocacy and communications.

Photographic portrait of Pauline Paterson
Photographic portrait of Julianne Ponan
Photographic portrait of Anna Richey and Alla Ouvarova
Photographic portrait of Helen Tupper

Pauline Paterson

Dr.PAWPAW | United Kingdom

Creates multi-use, eco-conscious hair and beauty products for the whole family.

Julianne Ponan MBE

Creative Nature | United Kingdom

Creates food products that are free from the top 14 allergens. 

Anna Richey, Alla Ouvarova

Two Chicks | United Kingdom

Bringing innovative, convenient, healthier egg based products to market.

Helen Tupper

Amazing If | United Kingdom

Provider of career training products and services to businesses.


Photographic portrait of Devidutta Dash
Photographic portrait of Ishani Roy

Devidutta Dash

Lemme Be | India

Period care brand aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Ishani Roy

Serein Inc | India

Uses science and technology to implement diversity and inclusion within companies.

Middle East

Photographic portrait of Madonna Saied
Photographic portrait of Dina Abdul Majeed
Photographic portrait of Shadha Musallam
Photographic portrait of Muzon Ashgar

Madonna Saied

V-licious | Egypt

Provides mothers with a healthy, quick and hassle-free solution for feeding their kids.

Dina Abdul Majeed

360Moms | Jordan

Offers low-cost health consultations and comprehensive online courses for mothers.

Shadha Musallam

Agritopia for Agricultural Technology | Palestine

Provides agricultural technology solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency. 

Muzon Ashgar

MZN Bodycare | Saudi Arabia

Creates body care products that are natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

Photographic portrait of Shereen Tawfiq
Photographic portrait of Saana Azzam
Photographic portrait of Heba Rumhein

Shereen Tawfiq

Balinca | Saudi Arabia

Provides simulation training that brings fun to finance. 

Saana Azzam

MENA Speakers | United Arab Emirates

Helping businesses in the Middle East to select the right speakers for their events.

Heba Rumhein

The H concepts and events | United Arab Emirates

Premier agency that crafts luxury weddings and events for an exclusive clientele.


Photographic portrait of Gülay Akay
Photographic portrait of Züleyha Albaş
Photographic portrait of Merve Çelebi Bayazıt
Photographic portrait of Nesrin Doğan

Gülay Akay

Dentakay | Türkiye

Provides specialized dental care services to international clientele. 

Züleyha Albaş

Buckaroo Food | Türkiye

Producer and exporter of meat products in line with Halal standards.

Merve Çelebi Bayazıt

Element Proje | Türkiye

Produces high-tech process solutions for energy saving and recovery.

Nesrin Doğan

Doğanlar Tarım | Türkiye

Manufactures modern and innovative agricultural machinery for efficient farming.

Photographic portrait of Deniz Eraydın
Photographic portrait of Tülin Kalyoncu
Photographic portrait of Elçin Özkan
Photographic portrait of Nesrin Serin Onkardeşler

Deniz Eraydın

Reisswolf Türkiye | Türkiye

Provides archive solutions and document management to ensure compliancy.

Tülin Kalyoncu

Mat Consultancy and Packaging Solutions | Türkiye

Produces innovation-oriented packaging solutions at a lower cost.

Elçin Özkan

Sestri Travel | Türkiye

Travel and lifestyle consultancy that helps people save time.

Nesrin Serin Onkardeşler

USB Certification | Türkiye

Provides assessments for conformity with national and international standards.

Photographic portrait of Altınay Tunalı
Photographic portrait of Nazlı Buse Üçer

Altınay Tunalı

Tunadan Makina | Türkiye

A metal manufacturing specialist offering a range of fabrication and finishing services.

Nazlı Buse Üçer

Ribbon Flowers | Türkiye

A luxury floral and gifting company in Istanbul.

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