How can one woman’s vision create a business masterpiece?

When we invest in inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems, we build a better working world, one founder at a time.

In brief

  • Around the world, women continue to face unrelenting, systemic barriers to entrepreneurial success.
  • Strengthening inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems helps connect women founders with the funding, mentorship, access and networks needed to thrive.
  • Learn how five women founders have overcome hurdles to achieve business success – and empower other women along the way.

The world needs women-owned businesses. But the market itself continues to hold women in entrepreneurship back from delivering on their promise and unleashing their full potential. This must change – now.

Explore the stories of five remarkable entrepreneurs who are creating new possibilities for the world through tech-driven solutions, sustainable businesses and the kind of transformational thinking necessary to build a truly better working world.


And then? Consider how you can embrace, support and engage with EY’s Entrepreneurial Winning Women program to make positive change. Meet five of our Winning Women alumnae below.

Join the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program

Hear from our Winning Women alumnae about the benefits of participating in this global network.


Women in entrepreneurship are dismantling barriers, overcoming hurdles and driving progress through sheer grit and passionate determination. When we work together with women to foster a global entrepreneurial ecosystem, we can help them go farther, faster.

That opens the world up to powerful new solutions and possibilities in a market that’s transforming every single day.

Women. Fast forward global platform

Women. Fast forward global platform.

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ programs

A program for ambitious entrepreneurs to provide them with the advice, resources and access to unlock their full potential.

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