Štefan Sobočan and Sabina Sobočan

EY Family Enterprise Award of Excellence Class of 2022, Slovenia

Štefan Sobočan, Director and co-owner and Sabina Sobočan, Director of VARIS Lendava

Štefan and Sabina Sobočan lead with distinctive vision, problem-solving prowess and assurance of quality at all levels, remaining true to the company’s motto “Quality above everything.”

FE Award 2022 Slovenia

VARIS Lendava was founded in 1977 and became an independent company in 1991, in the aftermath of the Yugoslavia break-up. In 2022, it stands tall as one of the key manufacturers of prefabricated bathrooms in Europe. The VARIS Group comprises VARIS Fertigbäder GmbH, VARIS MONT and VARIS TOP. The group now makes up to 4,500 bathrooms per year and, in their 40-year legacy, they have made more than 100,000 bathrooms. Apart from ready-made bathrooms, the group also makes skate and pump track elements for skateboarders and cyclists.

Štefan Sobočan, who is now an authorized representative and co-owner, was the founder and first director of VARIS Lendava. His distinctive vision and problem-solving prowess have helped the group find its true pace. His daughter Sabina Sobočan is an economist by profession and had been working as an auditor. Yet when her father offered her the option to become his successor, she didn’t hesitate to step up and take the role. Sabina Sobočan started working at VARIS as an internal auditor, then took up the Assistant Director role and, in 2015, became the Director of the firm.

This distinguished award recognizes family businesses with excellence, purpose and values. Sabina’s her key objective to assure quality at all levels — remaining true to the company’s motto “Quality above everything.” Her vision for the VARIS Lendava group is to become the leading European construction company of ready-made bathrooms that caters to all strata of users.  The group’s win marks its phenomenal growth and success. 

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