Green Skills Passport: sustainability skills and green jobs program

EY Ripples supports the next-gen workforce in gaining sustainability skills and employment in the green economy through free, self-paced online learning.
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Green Skills Passport

Join over 40,000 learners who have completed the free course and are on their way to a green skills career.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) forecasts
new green jobs by 2030

What EY and Microsoft can do for you 

Are you looking to learn more about potential career pathways and opportunities, especially on green jobs?​ 

Do you want to develop skills for employment and build confidence to enter or re-enter the workforce? ​ 

Do you prefer an on-demand digital learning course that can be taken at your own pace on a flexible timeline?  

Through a 10-hour virtual course (available online and on a mobile device), participants can work at their own pace and learn about key topics such as:  

  • Sustainability 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Skills for employment  

Course completion offers several benefits: ​ 

  • Access to a database of websites and resources to search for employment across green and other jobs​ 
  • Receive an EY and Microsoft certificate of completion to strengthen your resume​ 
  • Improve your employability skills, like resume writing and preparing for interviews

For participants

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For non-profits

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What students are saying about the course

I really enjoyed the green skills course for several reasons. Firstly, it provided me with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable practices and environmental conservation. The instructors were knowledgeable, and the course content was up-to-date with the latest advancements in green technologies.

As part of the EY Ripples vision to positively impact one billion lives by 2030, the EY organization supports the next generation workforce to help prepare young people and underserved groups for the working world of the future. We’re seeking out innovative approaches to teach transferable skills, so that tomorrow’s workers can find and sustain meaningful work amid constant change. Learn more about EY Ripples.

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    Featured press release

    EY and Microsoft expand social impact collaboration and advance sustainability education worldwide with Green Skills Passport

    LONDON, October 2, 2023 – Today, the EY organization and Microsoft announce the launch of Green Skills Passport, which helps learners aged 16 and over develop skills to find green jobs and pursue opportunities in the growing green economy.