ISO 20022 payments services

ISO 20022 will harmonize the way payments are transmitted across networks. EY teams can help global institutions develop their strategy to comply with and harness the business value promised by the new standard.

What EY can do for you

The ISO 20022 migration is a major transformation initiative that will impact financial and nonfinancial institutions alike. While the transition to ISO 20022 may initially be a compliance exercise, there is significant potential to take advantage of the strategic opportunities the new standard provides.

EY global, cross-functional teams operate across major regions, including the Americas, the United Kingdom, European Union and Asia-Pacific. We bring together a group of professionals to assist on areas like SWIFT, cross-border transactions and payments modernization. EY teams have developed a broad suite of service offerings, tools and accelerators to help EY clients manage the migration and determine the best value-adding opportunities for their businesses. 

The EY service offerings span three main categories:

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