Strategic cost transformation

In Wealth and asset management

Wealth and asset managers need to transform costs to navigate the industry inflection point and challenging operating margins. From strategy to implementation, we can help transform strategic, structural and tactical costs while sustaining cost management practices across the entire value chain.

What EY can do for you

The wealth and asset management industry has reached an inflection point as AUM, revenues and overall industry operating margins fall under significant pressure. Given the existing and anticipated future impact of this operating margin challenge, we believe a new and strategic approach is required to fully transform costs that addresses:

  • Strategic cost transformation opportunities: driving key strategic decisions around client segments, products, geographies and distribution channels.
  • Structural cost transformation opportunities: transforming the operating model to reduce costs and add flexibility and scalability to the cost base. This is achieved through effective workforce planning, outsourcing of services and partners in new ways, standardization of products and services and large-scale or agile data and technology change, as well as other levers.
  • Tactical cost transformation opportunities: optimizing the existing operating model to improve efficiency.

Our Strategic Cost Transformation services include:

  • Strategy and transaction services
  • Peer analysis, benchmarking and business case formation
  • Operating model diagnosis and re-design
  • End-to-end implementation services
  • Change management, governance and communication
  • EY Managed Services

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