In a smart hospital, people, their environment and systems are connected in real time and the data generated is used in intelligent ways.

Traditional hospitals that successfully complete the transformation to a smart hospital can drastically improve the patient experience, personalize medical treatment, better utilize scarce and expensive resources, and greatly minimize errors.

Becoming a smart hospital goes far beyond going digital

To become a smart hospital, a few key questions should be asked.

  • In which technologies should we invest in the coming years and which solutions are the most suitable for us?
  • How do we use the data that is generated in our hospital in safe and meaningful ways?
  • What strategic impact does a transformation to a smart hospital have?
  • What demands does a smart hospital place on our digital infrastructure in general and on EHR in particular?
  • How can technology unburden our employees and keep them enthusiastic and motivated?
  • How do we involve our employees and motivate them to embrace new technologies and adjust their way of working?

This video provides a view of what the smart hospital looks like.


Smart hospitals improve patient experience, personalize treatments, better utilize resources and minimize errors.

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