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How and why business can create a better world

In this episode of The Better Heroes podcast, host Matt C. Smith talks to Daniel Flynn and Terence Jeyaretnam about purposeful business.

What does it mean for a business to have purpose? Can businesses make a difference in the world? What steps should they take to do it?

Today’s Better Heroes are Daniel Flynn, Managing Director and Co-founder at Thankyou and Terence Jeyaretnam, EY Asia-Pacific Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader.

Key takeaways: 

  • Through the EY Ripples program, EY people are devoting their time to SDG-focused projects. The program brings together the combined skills, knowledge and experience of the EY global network in pursuit of one shared vision: to positively impact one billion lives by 2030.
  • Thankyou is a social enterprise that offers consumer products for the sole purpose of helping end extreme poverty.

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Matt C Smith

Professional MC, Broadcaster & Host, The Lunicorn

Daniel Flynn

Managing Director and Co-founder


Episode 11


31m 11s