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How creative thinking and bold action are transforming Port of Spain

In the sixth episode of The City Citizen, Joel Martinez, Mayor of Trinidad’s Port of Spain, talks to EY’s Meghan Mills about applying innovative approaches to rejuvenate the city.

With its rich cultural heritage, beautiful surroundings and thriving industries, Port of Spain has a lot to offer residents and tourists alike. But even in idyllic locations like Trinidad and Tobago, capital cities have challenges to address ⏤ including how to transition to a smart, sustainable future.

In this episode, Port of Spain’s Mayor, Joel Martinez, describes how he’s rejuvenating the city by building on its strengths and increasing civic pride. He tells Meghan Mills, EY Strategy and Operations Leader – Government and Public Sector, about some of the innovative ideas the city has implemented. These include becoming a UNESCO Creative City in the field of music, and reclaiming an area that was previously a landfill site.

Key takeaways:

  • To be progressive, city governments need to use technology as part of an ecosystem that helps citizens live and work better.
  • “Beautifying” a city by restoring monuments, widening pavements and planting trees will encourage business and build civic pride.
  • Younger citizens may need some help to become aware ⏤ and proud ⏤ of the city’s cultural or sporting history.

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Episode 6


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