How to use cybersecurity as a global business enabler

In this episode of the EY Microsoft Tech Directions podcast, we look at how best to navigate cross-border cyber security, focusing on digital identity and zero trust.

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As cyber threats continue to escalate, companies worldwide are grappling with the complexities of keeping their operations both secure and compliant. Our conversation sheds light on the rise of zero trust — a method that minimizes access to what's essential — as a key element in modern cyber defense tactics.

Join host Susannah Streeter as she engages with cybersecurity experts Paul Frate, Security Specialist at Microsoft; Sam Tang, EY Digital Identity Leader for the Americas; and Kevin Runyan, Managing Director at EY. They'll discuss the shifting landscape of international data protection laws, the growing importance of establishing trustworthy digital identities, and the strategic combination of digital identity with zero trust concepts to enhance both digital security and business productivity.

Key takeaways:  

  • Understand the essential role of zero trust and digital identity in strengthening cross-border cyber security.
  • Explore practical ways to navigate evolving international data protection laws and cyber challenges.
  • Examine the impact of digital transformation on security practices and why a comprehensive cybersecurity approach matters. 
  • Gain insights into managing diverse identities and the integration of advanced technologies to safeguard digital infrastructures.
  • Recognize the necessity of continuous adaptation and education in cybersecurity to effectively protect against and respond to emerging threats.

For your convenience, full text transcript of this podcast is also available.


Episode 16


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