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How rethinking everything can bring clarity in a complex world

In this episode of the Innovation Realized podcast, Hal Gregersen, senior lecturer at MIT, discusses new ways of thinking.


Episode 1


41m 17s

Our world is characterized by more forceful changes that appear quicker, trigger more interconnected and widespread impacts and often strike all at once. Some call this the poly crisis or perma crisis. Whatever you choose to call it, the bottom line is a business climate that has become far more complex. This environment requires leaders to rethink core assumptions, challenge to establish assumptions and rethink best practices that no longer work.

This podcast will bring you inside the 2024 EY Innovation Realized Global Summit to hear the new ways of thinking our complex world requires. Each episode is a provocative one-on-one conversation between a leader exploring these vital topics and impact leader, Will Travis, founder and CEO of Elevation Barn.

In this first episode, Hal Gregersen, senior lecturer at MIT and author of Questions are the Answer, explores how successful business leaders navigate complexity and embrace the unexpected. Through his work with Clayton Christensen and Jeff Dyer around the Innovators DNA, he also discusses the skills that business leaders use to challenge the status quo. And, in his own quest to ask the right questions in an increasingly unpredictable and complex world, he shares how he has learned to embrace ChatGPT and use it to its, and his, best advantage.

Key takeaways:

  • Don’t focus on the short term, be clear about your long term intent 
  • Embrace exponential technologies
  • Develop truth-seeking mechanisms that leave no stone unturned  
  • Develop the ability to see, think and listen deeply 
  • Ask better questions, challenge the status quo and engage in collaborative problem-solving
  • Rethink your mindset and strategies to navigate the challenges of the future