Key strategy for investment banks to achieve sustained transformation

In this episode, we explore challenges and opportunities facing investment banks, with a focus on customer centricity, employee experience and talent.

Firms operating across the capital markets, particularly investment banks, are facing an exceptionally challenging operating environment today. The COVID-19 pandemic, rising consumer expectations, and high inflation rates are all generational challenges that are now converging in 2023, and beyond, and are likely to shape the environment for some time.

Such volatility can also bring opportunities, as well as more ideas and dynamic transactions. It can also accelerate operational, cultural and technological transformation across sectors. So, how should investment banks be considering their approach towards sustained and successful transformation?

Key takeaways: 

In this episode (Part 1 of 2), the discussion focuses on:

  • Customer centricity,
  • Employee experience,
  • And talent pathways.

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Episode 4 (Part 1)