What PE sees in professional sports

In this episode, Tyler Brewster, Senior Director at EY-Parthenon, joins Winna Brown to reveal the drivers behind PE’s increasing presence in pro sports and explore both the opportunities and risks for investors.
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Private equity (PE) is now undeniably present in the world of professional sports. According to Pitchbook, over the past 18 months, PE firms have taken on passive stakes in professional sports franchises and leagues after the NBA, MLB and Major League Soccer loosened ownership rules to include institutional investors. In addition, funds focused on sports have begun to emerge. The total value of PE investments in sports teams and leagues has doubled in the past three years from US$3.3b in 2018 to US$7.1b in 2021.

This episode dives into the current drivers, opportunities and risks shaping PE’s presence in the sports industry. We discuss why this is an attractive industry for investors, the opportunities for continued growth such as media rights, asset diversification, and digital transformation, as well as the reputational risks and considerations for PE as it steps into the sports industry spotlight.

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Episode 39


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