How companies can leverage 2024's top 10 tech opportunities

In this episode of the Tech Connect podcast, the speakers discuss AI, sustainability and the edge economy as the driving forces for tech companies in 2024.

Join us as we take a closer look at a few of the most intriguing topics from the EY article Top 10 Opportunities for Technology Companies in 2024. Dive into this fascinating discussion in the latest EY Tech Connect podcast episode. Listen as we discuss some of the key areas of positive impact that tech companies should be exploring in the coming year, including generative AI (GenAI)-centric strategies, the essential role of digital infrastructure, and the evolving risks in this ever-changing market landscape.

Our host, Tracy Watt, alongside Ken Englund and Olivier Wolf, delves into the impact of the AI revolution, the crucial influence of energy resources in shaping business models and the eminent role of sustainability in today’s corporate strategies. Tune in as they discuss the great strides made in the digital transformation journey and the potential of tech companies to create significant competitive advantages with informed decision-making models and strategic investment choices. Don’t miss this engaging discussion filled with valuable insights and perspectives.

Hear insights from:

  • Ken Englund, EY Americas TMT Industry Markets Leader 
  • Tracy Watt, EY Global TMT Sector Strategy, Operations and Solutions Leader
  • Olivier Wolf, EY-Parthenon Global TMT Sector Leader

Key takeaways: 

  • The vital role of emerging tech, including GenAI, in shaping future business strategies and the rise of the edge economy
  • The increasing need for sustainability initiatives, focusing primarily on energy demand due to the surge in data centers, and the significant impact of efficient investments in digital infrastructure is essential in capturing the potential of GenAI environments
  • The importance of proactive measures in addressing emerging risks and underlines the vast growth opportunities in 2024 for tech firms

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Episode 11


14m 50s