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How will robots make buildings more human?

In this webcast, hear from EY’s Real Estate and Construction Innovation Leader and MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab about automation in real estate.

The MIT Technology Review study estimates that up to 50% of today’s job tasks will be automated by 2030 – and new automation tools are coming to market at speed.

What does this mean for real estate and, more importantly, for people in real estate? To date, much of the discussion around automation has been just that…talk. But the tide is turning and organizations need to think now about how they can automate their processes to ensure their businesses are ready to thrive and compete in a disrupted world.

During this webinar, Selina Short, EY’s Global Real Estate and Construction Innovation Leader, and Dr. Andrea Chegut from MIT’s Real Estate Innovation Lab, will delve into what automation means for the built environment, what organizations are already doing and how EY’s automation roadmap can help.



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