The metaverse: new ways of interacting between businesses and consumers

EY teams are harnessing the metaverse to help create long-term business value and positive human impact.

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The metaverse will not be a single experience, company, or technology – but rather a dynamic ecosystem of connected, interoperable and persistent metaverse platforms that incorporate many technology and infrastructure providers, financial services providers, developers, creators, brands and users – just like the current web. The metaverse has the potential to transform all industries – not only in terms of how business is done and how goods are sold, but how people interact with each other through work, shopping, socializing and more.

Accelerate your metaverse strategy with EY capabilities

EY wavespace™ in the metaverse

EY wavespace and EY metaverse lab help clients transform for the decentralized economy, driven by the Metaverse and Web3.

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