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11 Aug 2022 | London, GB

EY ranked #2 in HFS Top 10: Employee Experience Services, 2022 report


HFS Research has positioned EY one of the top-rated providers for Employee Experience Services 2022.

We are extremely proud to be ranked #2 by HFS amongst 12 leading firms providing great employee experience services. According to HFS, EY provides some of the most robust “pure-play” EX services and methodologies among its competitors. HFS’ CEO and Chief Analyst, Phil Fersht said  “EY pushes the boundaries in connecting experience and operational data, helping organizations to uncover how their people create or erode long-term value and how much it matters to the top and bottom lines.” EY’s solutions are backed by a “client zero” approach within its organization of 300,000 employees.

EY ranked#2 in EX Services

Source: HFS Top 10: Employee Experience Services, Phil Fersht, Sarah Little, June 2022

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