Talent management is changing rapidly – over the next 10 years we will see dramatic shifts in the way people are sourced, hired, motivated, managed and paid — and it all has to do with analytics.

David Storey

EY EMEIA Workforce Advisory Leader

Helps clients transition into the Future World of Work. Frequent speaker. Entrepreneur. Fascinated by politics. Family man.

An experienced entrepreneur and advisor who has focused on strategy, organizational effectiveness and people challenges for more than 20 years, David guides the Workforce Advisory practice across EY EMEIA.

David entered EY in 2012 when the EY member firm acquired Resolve, a South African group of strategic human resources consulting companies, which he co-founded and led for 14 years. Before that he had consulted independently and held a number of important non-governmental and government roles during and immediately after the South African transition to democracy.

Since transferring to United Kingdom Financial Services in 2016, David has led projects in the areas of talent, workforce analytics, strategic workforce planning and capability building and leadership development.

He has Commerce and Law degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand, and an LLM degree from Harvard Law School.

How David is building a better working world

The digital transformation driving the new world of work will have a profound impact on people, organizations and society.

“By combining my consulting experience with my activist roots − honed through anti-apartheid activities in South Africa, my team aims to make sure that none of us sleepwalk into the future.

This is the time for humans to make deliberate choices to ensure the ‘why,’what’ and ‘how’ of future workplaces maximizes our individual and collective potential, and ensures a future we want and chose.”

David's latest thinking

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