Driving a risk-based approach to cyber resilience means addressing topics like cybersecurity, technology and infrastructure in business terms, aligned to business strategy.

Elizabeth A. Mann

EY Americas Life Sciences and Health Cybersecurity Leader

Active mentor and sponsor for women in cyber and STEAM. Loves city life, wine, movies and theater. Driven by family, puppy, friends, colleagues and service.

An experienced technology executive, Elizabeth leads the Life Sciences and Health sectors in Americas Cybersecurity. She helps executives and boards seek balance in an increasingly disruptive digital economy.

Having worked in information security for more than 25 years, she established her leadership position early in the discipline’s development, looking at security from the identity, access and privilege management perspective.

As an advocate for a risk-oriented, resiliency-based approach to cybersecurity, she loves understanding the why behind what we do.

Elizabeth also leads our efforts for gender parity, actively promoting cybersecurity and risk management as engaging careers for women. She is the executive sponsor for several family and women initiatives at EY.

She received a BA in Biological Basis of Behavior and Spanish and an MA in Romance Languages and Literature from the University of Pennsylvania.

How Elizabeth is building a better working world

“At the heart of EY, we are risk professionals – and yet the pace of change today is so fast that no organization has the resources and capacity to address every risk with equal rigor.

The complex challenge to protect an enterprise is best addressed by bringing together diverse perspectives and being open to non-traditional problem solving.

I focus on advancing a diversity of perspective – growing teams, embracing differences, and pushing all of us to think smarter, make our best choices, develop consensus and build a more secure working world.”

Elizabeth's latest thinking

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