Photographic portrait of Fabrizio Calisti
Cloud is no longer an option for the executive leadership – cloud is the underpinning technology that business success depends on.

Fabrizio Calisti

Director, Financial Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Transformation passionate. Problem solver. Proud father. Civis Romanum Sum.

Fabrizio is a cloud director at the UK Technology Consulting practice for Financial Services, supporting EY clients in adopting digital technologies safely and effectively, while maximizing business value.

Coming from an engineering and architecture background, he has specialized in transformation programs enabled by technology.

Fabrizio holds a Master’s degree in IT Engineering from the Università of Roma Tre.

How Fabrizio is building a better working world

“After learning the true meaning of business resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am now focused on how organizations can adopt modern technologies such as cloud to optimize carbon emissions and support a greener future for all of us. An effective and safe digital transformation should not only evolve the business but also contribute to building a better world!”

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