Gautam Rao

EY Global Digital Accessibility Leader

Dad, tennis player and coach, sci-fi fan, and member of the disability community. Committed to creating authentic, exceptional, and accessible digital experiences for all.

Gautam is responsible for EY’s digital accessibility strategy, including policy, methodology, procurement, awareness and training. He is an IAAP-certified digital accessibility professional (CPACC, WAS), with over two decades of experience in product development, user experience (UX) design, usability, and accessibility.

Gautam established and currently leads the EY Accessibility Center of Excellence, providing services to internal and external clients. He is a frequent presenter at conferences such as Disabilty:IN, M-Enabling, CSUN, and ATIA, and participates in leadership committees of organizations like Teach Access and Disability:IN. Gautam has been at EY since 2008 and is a graduate of Penn State University.


How Gautam is building a better working world


"I’m a firm believer that building digital accessibility into our present businesses and technologies begins by recognizing that accessibility is not an afterthought. It must be an integral part of the design and development process from the outset. Over the years I’ve been working towards how to engage individuals with disabilities throughout the design process, using accessible design standards and guidelines, and regularly testing and refining products for accessibility. By prioritizing accessibility, we can create a more inclusive digital world that empowers all individuals to participate fully in our society."

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